When you first put your braces on, you may not suffer from a few misconceptions about braces on the whole. Do they set off metal detectors at stores and at airports? Won’t they be allowed on planes? These and many questions are likely to bother you. Don’t worry. Most of these questions only point to myths surrounding orthodontic braces. In this article Dentist from Platinum Dental Care in Livonia will debunk eight of those right now.

1.Braces Are The Only Available Treatment For Tooth Alignment

While braces are the most common treatment for crooked or misaligned teeth, several alternatives are now available, such as Invisalign and several others.

2. New Wisdom Teeth Will Cut Into The Braces

Your dentist will check for wisdom teeth while fixing your braces and will tell you if you have the room for the extra teeth. Your braces will be structured in such a way as to make room for wisdom teeth, if you’re due for them.

3.Dental Braces Rust after Some Time.

Dental braces are made out of high-grade stainless steel mixed with titanium. They are rust proof and will remain so no matter how many times you brush your teeth.

4.Braces Can Straighten Teeth Permanently

While braces are one of the most effective methods available to straighten teeth, crooked teeth will drift back into their original place if the braces aren’t worn for the recommend time period.

5.You’re Likely To Be Hit By Lightning If You Wear Braces

Lightning does not strike the earth as long as buildings have lightning rods in them. Even if you’re hit by lightning, it won’t be because of your braces.

6.Braces Will Always Hurt, till they’re Finally Taken Off.

Your braces might feel a little uncomfortable when you put them on the first time, but soon you’ll get used to them. They are not supposed to hurt your mouth at any time and if they do, please inform your dentist about it.

7.Braces Must Be Very Tight Or They Won’t Work

Normally, the way your braces fit are perfect as long as they’re comfortable. They don’t need to be too tight in order to be effective. If your braces require tightening, your dentist will do it.

8.You Cannot Play Musical Instruments With Braces On

You can play any musical instrument with braces on. There may be a period of adjustment with your braces being sensitive to metallic sounds, but eventually it will pass.