Physical therapy is a form of treatment through which experts treat any kind of physical injuries and disabilities. A trained physical therapist is someone who has undergone professional training in this field and is an expert in identifying and diagnosing the ailment.

They will also prescribe the appropriate treatment to restore maximum muscle function to the injured part. If you have suffered severe physical injury and are contemplating undergoing physical therapy, then you’ve reached the right place.

Physical therapy is a proven medical healing process and if you aren’t convinced, then go through these 5 points that will give you a better reason to consider physical therapy over other treatments.

  1. The Treatment Is Prescribed After A Detailed Medical Examination

When you visit a physical therapist, he will first conduct a thorough medical examination of the part that has been injured. This will include a physical examination, sharing medical history and evaluation of joint and muscle movement abilities. Apart from this, the examiner may also conduct additional tests to check that check blood pressure, sugar levels, heart-rate and others. This enables them to suggest a therapy that will provide long-term healing benefits after considering the overall performance of the body.

  1. Physical Therapy Can Be Personalised To Specific Conditions

The advantage of physical therapy is that it’s not a one size fits all treatment. Every individual injury is unique, and physical therapy is structured around the pain-points of the individual. Physical therapy has been used to treat injuries ranging from severe arthritis, hip and joint pains, post-surgery movement, muscle and ligament tear and even fractures.

From manual therapy, strength training, mobility treatment to electric stimulation and compression therapy there are a number of treatments that are selected basis the particular type of injury. You could get physical therapy from Fit Club NY , one of the experts in muscle treatment for physical injuries.

  1. A Continuous Rehabilitation Process For Steady Improvement

The physical therapist acts as a guide and mentor to the individual. They work alongside the patient and motivate them. Having worked with many survivors, physical therapists understand that different bodies have different coping capabilities. If you’re unable to go through a particular therapy because it is extremely painful, the physical therapist will modify your treatment to help you overcome the pain better.

  1. A Mix Of Physical Exercises And Healing Procedures

Physical therapy activities consist of a mix of both physical exercises and healing processes. They work hand in hand to treat the affected area, making it a work faster than any other treatment that uses a single process. This way the region gets relief from the stress it’s being exposed to through exercises. Some of the processes used along with guided exercises include the use of ultrasound, light therapy, heat and cold therapy; all of which help in relaxing the muscles or strengthening the muscles based on the need.

Physical therapy is a well-rounded healing procedure that not only works on the injured area but also helps the body cope with emotional and psychological effects that the injury has on the person.