My friend rushed into her room to try on her new bodycon dress from an online store. But her excitement faded away when she emerged from her room. Unlike my expectations, she wasn’t wearing her new dress. And the conversation between us was as followed:

She: “I shall return the packet. I don’t fit into this dress.”

Me: “It’s okay. We can exchange it for a larger size.”

She: “You can keep this dress. Bodycon dresses aren’t for me anymore.”

Me: “Don’t worry. You can always lose.”

Well, all of us, at least once, have taken part in the above-mentioned conversation. While we strongly believe in nurturing a positive body image, we also think that being comfortable in one’s skin shouldn’t be a license for an unhealthy lifestyle. Being overweight can hamper the quality of life and even challenge longevity.

Why enroll for a weight loss program?

It’s amazing how subtle lifestyle changes, the inclusion of exercise, and a scientific weight loss diet can infuse vitality into your life and body. You may like to check out this post for the most trending weight loss diet. And if you still need reasons to enroll in a good weight loss diet program, the following reasons will validate the importance of maintaining an ideal body weight

No Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis in obese people is as much a reality as cholesterol and diabetes. An overweight body puts more pressure on the joints than they could handle. Overweight people tend to strain their joints to the extent of a breakdown – especially at the knees. In addition, the inflammatory chemicals associated with excess fat tissues lead to more painful adversities. We are sure none would want to sit immobile on a couch and whine in pain. Before it gets too late, you better get up, run, and follow the right diet.

Sleep well, not more

Well, overweight people sleep more because they can’t have a sound sleep. And when you cannot sleep well, the body wakes up to lethargy as if it hasn’t rested enough. Obese people are more susceptible to sleep apnea, a condition where the breathing is obstructed while sleeping. Excess puts pressure on the lungs and also usurps major spaces in the airway, resulting in sleep apnea. The high intakes of fatty and sugary foods among fat people also hinder the quality of sleep. Spend an hour everyday doing some blood-pumping exercises and end the day with some healthy sleep-inducing food. You shall never complain of waking up tired and cranky.

Goodbye to the seasonal allergies

So, you haven’t been able to take in the fragrant air of spring without a series of sneezes, skin rashes, and eye irritations. What if I tell you these have something to do with obesity? Yup, uncontrolled weight hurts the endocrine glands and the respiratory system, resulting in allergies and asthmatic troubles. So, if you wish to enjoy the zephyrs of the spring, free from allergies, consider an effectual weight loss plan.

Yummier food than ever

This may sound like an oxymoron, but overweight people do suffer from an impaired taste. The exact reasons for this are still unknown. But it’s been deduced that, maybe, the overuse of taste buds make them grow insensitive to taste. One hypothesis tells about the tendency to eat more as compensation for a compromised taste. There are also speculations about the distorted perception of tastes in obese people that steers them towards unhealthy foods. Hold a bit of restraint for a certain time, participate in a scientifically proven diet plan, and drive your altered taste buds back on track.

Vigor under the sheets

Of late, have you noticed your partner waking up in a crabby mood after having sex? You thought you’d tried your best, but your partner is being too demanding. Possibly, you tried. But did you enjoy the lovemaking? Unfortunately, bedroom blues are common among the overweight people. Sex gets reduced to a mere ritual due to the reduced testosterone. Research has also found a close relation between overweight women and high cortisol, a stress hormone that hinders sexual arousal. So, buck up! Enroll for an effective weight loss program that does not require you to undergo strenuous exercise regime.

Kick infections out of the window

If you have been pestered by infections in the gums, nose, mouth, or stomach, perhaps, it’s time to shed a few pounds. Did you know that fat is a hormone-secreting organ? A healthy body mandates perfect balance of the hormones. When the body is made to store too much fat, the hormones run into an anomaly. A state of hormonal imbalance thuds the immune system badly. And what more can you expect from a handicapped immune system than frequent colds and infections?

No more infertility and pregnancy worries

We’ve watched the doctors in health shows talking about conception issues among the obese women. Yes, this can happen to you too. The hormonal anomaly and ovulation dysfunction resulting from obesity can mess up fertility. It can also lead to several complications during pregnancy. According to a research, 50% of the overweight women have to undergo Cesarean sections. Wiser are those who maintain the ideal body weight in order to give safe births to healthy and effervescent babies.

Dance to the tune of success

Drop that unwanted weight and watch how success coaxes you. No, we don’t wish to pass a belief that workplace success demands a hot bod. It’s the other way round. A fit body is a storehouse of gusty energy, agility, and positivity. You begin to move faster and think smarter. You will notice confidence growing from within once you have a fit and healthy body. A fit body doesn’t only make you feel good about your shape, it makes you feel wonderful about living too.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to embrace a healthy diet and fitness regime. Stay motivated and stay fit.