How humans can experience joy and love via food and drinks are not unknown. Worldwide, the growth of food corners, restaurant or event hosting banquets is happening at a lightning speed that now people have more open and receptive towards food and drinks. However, the bigger question here is; despite having so many options at our disposal? How to gift people and experience they do not forget and want to cherish it again and again. Well, here is a helpful guide that can make this happen within no time!

  • Do Not Reveal The Location:

Hidden information makes things more interesting! Often when people know the venue they imagine how it would be and how they need to carry themselves, however, what if the location is a secret? Underground events are being planned nowadays across the globe, adding a tinge of excitement and curiosity to events even before they have actually started. Gathering all the guests at one place and then transporting them to the venue gives an edge that most events usually would not have.

  • Search for An Exclusive Venue:

If the secret venue does not go with your kind of event then pick a place or location that is phenomenal. You can always add your creativity to any event. Think of having a theme party supporting your food and drinking sections. The idea here should be exploring a new segment of guests by delivering the uniqueness of location. Having a mundane event will do no justice to your money and your plan. Katie’s Catering adds that extra excitement to your event by delivering the best meals possible in the best manner.

  • The VIP Effect:

Another sure-shot way to elevate an event experience is by offering an upgrade ticket for food and drink lovers to explore the joy of being a VIP during an event. This minute tip can make your event much more popular and amazing. Giving a VIP upgrade also helps in accelerating revenues as the guests are given open options for upgrading their experience according to their pockets. In most places, people are given special wine tours or backstage tour which are not possible otherwise.

  • Fabricate A Story Behind The Dish:

We all know, when people know the hidden story behind anything, they tend to develop an emotional connection with that thing; that is how human brain functions. Remember John Hancock words; β€œthe greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions”. Instead of a representative at the food section, let the chef present what he has offered today to the guests and why he has chosen these dishes for the occasion. Also, at the drinking section before serving a drink, you can tell how old that particular drink is and its origin.

  • Invent Hybrid Occasions:

Last but definitely not the least, delivering a hybrid experience will always serve you with all those praises which are not possible otherwise. Hybrid occasions need to have an element of your creativity otherwise, it will be a big turn-off. Having a beer and a yoga, adding a French Musical to the dining section or having a pool experience while drinking can add what you did not even expect.