Childhood is one of the most amazing experiences that an individual can have. Filled with unconditional love from their parents, joyful carefree times and a time where there are no stressful situations to handle. However, situations can force children to be separated from their parents and taken into the custody of the state.

Parents who are found unfit to raise their children due to several reasons such as their criminal record or lack of care given to the child are ordered to place their children under foster care for their wellness. Foster children are taken up by a state managed agency and handed over to state certified caregivers. These foster parents help the children grow up in a healthy environment giving them all the care and love they require.

Who can be a foster carer?

Foster carer is an individual who can offer their home and care to a child in need. You can be single or married to be qualified as a foster carer. It is required of you to have a home of your own or a rental where you can let the child under your care live. After the initial application process, the fostering agency will examine all criminal background regarding the applicant in order to process the application.

After the background checks are cleared, pre-service parental classes must be attended which are organized by the state in order to make aspirant foster parents aware of what they will be doing. All you require to be eligible for foster caring is to be able to love a child unconditionally and a have a clean background.

How to become a foster carer?

An individual can opt for foster caring out of interest, but he has to be aware of several factors such as emotional attachment. Emotional attachment is required to bond with the child and to understand him or her completely. However, it is also necessary to know that placing a child in foster care is usually only a temporary solution. The maximum duration of a child staying under your care would only be for a few years.

Usually, the child is returned to its biological parents if the situations are apt. If that is not possible, blood relatives are found out and entrusted with the care of the child. In rare cases when neither of this is possible and the parents are deceased, the option exists for the foster parent to adopt the child into their family. This is a rare scenario and can only happen if the ties with the parents are severed completely.

To establish an emotional bond, there are a few factors to keep in mind. To strengthen the bond to a level where the child can be close enough to you, some research is required. This article – – – has some helpful tips to deal with the relationship you have with your foster children.

The reward factor

Foster caring can be a rather rewarding experience emotionally as well as financially. The state provides financial support in the form of allowances and rewards. The allowance is weekly and is set according to the state as well as the condition of your foster child. This money is meant to support their hobbies, interests and other expenses they may require such as food and clothing. In case the person entrusted to you happens to be a mother and child or a specially-abled, the allowance will be on the higher side in order to fulfill their needs.

The reward is the salary or the amount you get as remuneration for the service you do to the society and the state by taking care of the child. The reward varies based on the house condition and the facilities you can provide to your foster child. It can also increase based on your years of experience in the field. Foster caring can be a great way to help you evolve as a person emotionally while caring for a child.

It can also be a way of earning similar to any other regular job while being in the comforts of your own home. Being a foster carer does not restrict you from working as well. If both the parents are involved in regular jobs, a provision should be made so that either one of the parents can be available at home at all times. In a time filled with frustrating jobs and schedules, being a foster carer can be a great way to earn your living, provided you can be a great foster parent.