All-in-one gym is an exercise device or a machine that can assist in work you out head to toe. It is taking several different pieces of fitness equipment and merging them into one. 

There’re many people who love to workout at home in view to save money, have privacy, or seek advantage of the convenience it offers. Due to a limited space the average person can surely not fit a whole gym into the house, and can’t even afford it. That’s why the concept of all-in-one home gyms are initiated.

It helps to carry out a variety of exercises that target muscles all across the body. It offers a complete workout solution. It combines the features of several pieces of fitness equipment. Here is the list of equipment it replaces:

  • Pull-Up Bar:

There are two handles on the top, staying in the standing position, can be used like pull-up handles. However, you can’t do pull-ups like you would on a normal bar. The modified pull-ups are done while lying on your back, hold the handles, and pull yourself up.

  • Ab Wheel:

It can be used in three different positions. There’re wheels on it and when it is folded into the flat position, it is used as an ab wheel for effective ab rollout exercises.

  • Push-Up Bar:

The purpose of push-up bars is to offer an immense range of motion and to lessen the wrist pain. It provides multiple grip positions for easy handling and effective push-ups. These are also called press up bars, press up handles, and push up grips. It can be placed on the floor, situate your body over them, and grip one hand on each of it.

  • Dip Station:

Dips help in working out your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles. It is a compound push exercise with a small range of motion that primarily works on the triceps.

  • Barbell:

For a home gym, a barbell has handles and weighs around 30lbs. It is used for a number of exercises, which target legs, arms, and back muscles. It used for curls, squats, shoulder presses, and much more.

All-in-one home gym combines the features of the above fitness equipment into one unit. Indeed, for true strengthening, you have to carry out varied exercises. All-in-one home gym allows a total body workout. The regular exercise offers incredible benefits that can help improve nearly all the aspect of your health from the inside out. It increases the release of hormones that keep you happier and sleep better. It keeps your skin clear and glowing. It cuts down the risk of chronic diseases as well.

If you follow the thumb rule of 150 minutes of physical activity per week, you will inevitably improve your health in several ways.