Your smile influences your appearance and the placement of your teeth has a lot to do with it. No wonder, people are becoming more and more conscious about smile correction and the number of orthodontic visits is increasing. An orthodontist’s job is much different from that of a dentist because the latter provides treatment for general dental issues such as tooth decay, dental caries, gum problems, and more. An orthodontist, on the other hand, specializes in smile correction with braces and other complex treatment techniques. Patients may be apprehensive about opting for braces as they are believed to be painful and uncomfortable. Initially, they may cause some soreness and discomfort but gradually one can develop a comfort level with them. This is a small price to pay, considering the fact that orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance by correcting the alignment of your teeth over a span of time. Let us see how this treatment can bring effective results.

Subtle improvement in dental symmetry

 An orthodontist cannot always predict the timing of the corrective treatment but he can assure that results will definitely be there. Braces bring subtle improvement in the dental symmetry and results may be visible in varying time spans in patients. They can improve the facial shape by resolving various types of problems such as an open bite, underbite and overbite. There are also cases where the patient requires jaw expansion. Let us try to explain each of these conditions in detail:

Overbite: Patients with overbite have a protruding upper lip, which is sometimes unable to cover the teeth. The condition may also be accompanied by sunken cheeks. Braces can improve the condition by aligning the teeth and jaw to fit together for creating a harmony through the lower facial half.

Underbite: Those with an underbite have a protruding chin, which gives an unattractive appearance. Use of braces is recommended to correct the “moon-shape” of the face and soften the facial features.

Open Bite: An open bit is characterized by the mouth and lips appearing unnaturally stretched and the person may not even be able to close it at rest. The underlying misalignment that causes this problem can be corrected with braces.

Jaw Expansion: Some people are born with improper jaw structure, with very little space in one or both of the jaw arches. In such cases, the middle of the face appears narrow and the cheeks may even be hollow. The orthodontist treats this issue with a device called an expander, which is generally used for jaw expansion in children. For older patients, expander treatment is combined with surgical procedure to give a normalized appearance to the patient’s jaw.

Crooked Teeth: Another facial issue that can be corrected with orthodontic treatment is crooked teeth. Braces can b highly effective for correcting the spacing and directional issues of the teeth.

Professional orthodontic treatment can be helpful for restoring your appearance and self-confidence. Get references or check online sites such as to avail the services of the best orthodontists near you. The expertise of the specialist and quality of services make a great difference in the efficacy of the treatment.