If you’re upset about not having a baby due to infertility, this article could help you with a better solution to treat the latter.

In modern-day science, there’s solution to every problem. Beginning with artificial insemination to IVF to surrogacy, there are several possible ways to welcome your bundle of joy. More than 15% of the population across the globe is suffering the issue of infertility, and for a large section, IVF technique is considered to be the best and effective choice. The procedure has shown a massive rate over the years of development.

Before you decide to avail IVF for fertility, check out some of the important points mentioned below:  

  •         Understand the Treatment:

IVF expands as in-vitro fertilization, which is altogether different from artificial insemination process. In IVF technique, the baby is developed outside the woman’s body or say in a laboratory in a similar womb kind of artificial environment specifically, whereas in artificial insemination the sperm is placed in the woman’s body for the fertilization.

IVF is mostly recommended to the couple who have tried several other ways or have gone through the hormonal treatments with no desired results. Though there are many good clinics which offer IVF treatment, it is only a professional and experienced doctor could decide and suggest whether it would be a right choice.

  •         Carried Out Process:

IVF is a complex process, but we have tried here to decode it in a simpler language. Basically, the process begins with hormonal injections that help the woman’s body to release more than eggs in the cycle.

Following it, a series of tests carried out to determine that the woman is actually ready for egg retrieval. This process of egg retrieval can take around half an hour or so. But yes, more injections may be injected to assist the developing eggs to ripen speedily. It is the most vital part of the success of the entire procedure and takes the maximum time. And yes, on a similar day, your partner’s sperm will be taken.

Once the eggs are fertilized and are ready in the lab, you will need to go actual placement of the eggs. No, it doesn’t take a day but requires you to be at the hospital for few hours. Additionally, medicines will be prescribed by the doctor and he will call up for further tests or examinations after a couple of weeks.

There are even chances of placing more than one fertilized eggs in the uterus that increases the chances of pregnancy with multiple babies or twins.

In short, IVF technology is playing a wonderful role in the life of those who wish but couldn’t conceive a baby naturally. The constant developments in science turn out to be a boon for many lives. So, without a doubt go for IVF but make sure to discuss the whole process thoroughly with your doctor.

Hope this write-up may help you realize your dream to become proud parents soon. Don’t worry; your happiness is awaiting your embrace!