If you’re bored with your back workout, try these variations.  When it is about building an impressive body frame, lats must be a prime focus. Well-curated lats create the sought-after V-taper look for men and for women, lats give an illusion of a slender figure and waistline, defining a contoured body shape.

Lats, usually are overlooked due to ignorance regarding its (just) muscle-building benefits. But in reality, lat pull-down is an ideal pick to attain the proper form for effective back development.  It helps you build enviable lats. 

Now you may be thinking off that the lat pull-down is too mainstream. Well, here we have penned five variations that give your lats the attention they deserve. We strongly recommend you to add these variations to your back to basics physique building routine and experience the difference.  

Single Arm

You may have used a lat pull machine with both hands at once. This is a typical traditional form of bilateral lat pull-down that increases the amount of weight you can lift and makes effective use of the time when you’re in a hurry to get in and out of the gym.  

Yet it is considered as a mistake to discount the benefit of the single-arm lat pull down. And when it is about the mind-muscle connection and uplifting the squeeze at the bottom of the lift, single-arm lat pull-down is a sure winner. This variation offers strength and great muscle-building effects. 

Broad Grip

It is another excellent choice to go by. The broad or wide grip variation helps to increase the width of your back and contribute to improve the overall strength of muscles. It helps you to work your lats with great form throughout the entire range of motion. Remember that, squeezing and retracting shoulders leads to competent muscle activation. 


It is quite an ignored variation but truly effective. If you can easily incorporate this movement style into your workout routine without pain, you can take effectual and myriad of advantages it offers. Many people find this technique helpful for constructing lean muscle mass. The rule of thumb is to start with a lighter weight and more reps. This variation majorly emphasizes on shoulder mobility. 


Final variation to include in your workout regime is the reverse grip lat pull-down. It is a great move for targeting your lower lats. Also, it will work to activate your biceps by comprehending the action of chin-ups. 

Concluding it up, changing things up is crucial for a successful workout. So don’t let yourself strained in a lat-pull down rut, maximize your results while alternating between several variations.