Though the human brain is (naturally) developed to think negative but we at the same point we can programme our mind to be a positive person. The most effective tool for attaining a positive mindset is- Thoughtfulness!

Thoughtfulness is also termed as mindfulness and is the psychological procedure to withdraw your attention towards the experiences which are happening to you in the current situation. In a simple language, it is an art of living in present rather than sulking or worrying about the past and future.

Here are some quick tips on how to keep mind positive no matter what the situation is –

  •         Study Your Thought Process:

As mentioned earlier, the human brain is programmed to think negative. Nothing can deter negative thoughts coming to your mind. But you can keep a tap on your thoughts. Be mindful and see what’s occurring inside your mind.

As soon as you experience some negative thoughts, prompt yourself that your thought process is heading in the wrong way. But yes, you should force your mind to think positive. Just stay firm and focus on the things occurring in your mind in the current situation. So, a simple reminder is all you need to give your brain a signal towards the right direction.

  •         Don’t Be Judgemental:

Never ever judge yourself on the basis of your thoughts. The brain is having a distinctive system that never sits idle. It keeps on making series of thoughts one after another. But, you should understand those temporary thoughts that come to and fro like the bubbles of water.

Be watchful and try to motivate yourself that you’re bigger, better and stronger than your thoughts. Pick the positive in your actions despite the negative. From now on, the next time your mind creates a negative thought like ‘I’m not worthy’, tell your mind it is only a random thought and stay unbothered!

  •         Meditation:

One of the best techniques to keep your mind away from the negative thoughts is meditation. Invest some minutes of the day into meditation practice. Though there are so many distractions both internally and externally and make it difficult to focus; once you start following a meditation routine, you’ll understand the art of being in present.

Yes, it’s not a habit you create easily instead it demands a lot of dedication and effort. Start with less time to master it gradually.

  •         Shift Your Mind:

When you start realizing your thoughts, learn to separate yourself from the bad thoughts. This shift in your attention brings a new ray in your life and nurtures positivity all around. When you find a negative thought, command your brain to stop right away and discard the specific thought.


Follow this step-guide and you’ll master an art of developing positive thoughts and imagination in your mindset. The ways may get time to execute so don’t frustrate. Let the process go slow and maintain the consistency to see positive results.

Remember, only a positive mind leads to a positive life.