The Marketplace is one of the most popular portions of an AeHIN meeting. Please feel free to roam about, ask questions and make new friends and contacts.

Day 1: March 8, 2017


Set A:

  1. AeHIN’s Community of Interoperability Labs
  2. Philippine Health Information Exchange
  3. DHIS2
  4. Open Smart Register Platform
  5. OpenMRS Myanmar for HIV and TB –  MOHS, UNICEF, UNOPS, CHAI
  6. EHR Research Unit
  7. CommCare Myanmar for RMNCH quality of care – MOHS, UNICEF and JSI
  8. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
  9. RHIS and Community HIS
  10. Open Source Research Scanning System
  11. OpenHIE






Set B

13. Preparedness of Bangladesh towards Health related SDGs

14. WHO-FIC APN ICD-10 Simplified Version

15. eRegistries

16. World Health Organization Collaborative Tools for M&E of Digital Health, Scale-Up, and Reporting

17. Laboratory management information system (LMIS) for EID and e-logistic management information system (eLMIS) for EPI

18. SIJARI Emas, mHealth for  MNCH

19. Myanmar GIS Lab

20. WHO Collaborating Center for eHealth

21: Global Innovation UNICEF (Tanya Accone)

22. Developing National Health Resource Repository in India

23. Start-Up Mortality List (SMoL) for ICD-10