Water is essential for the life of human beings and though one can go without food for several days a human being wouldn’t survive without water. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is essential for you to stay hydrated and healthy and it prevents a lot of diseases. However, a good number of people end up in hospitals or ever lose their lives due to water-borne diseases. Contaminated water could cause health issues like gastrointestinal disorders, neurological problems, and even affect the reproductive health of human beings.

Testing the water quality ensures that the safety of water and this, in turn, prevents diseases. Such testing helps to determine the presence of bacteria and viruses that could be deadly and the presence of chemicals. Different kinds of tests help to determine the exact amount and the levels of the different chemicals present in the water.

Quality testing of water in houses

To prevent sickness and even death it is important to ensure that the water used in houses are clean and free of viruses and bacteria. Whether you are consuming water from lakes, ponds, wells, or even rain-water, it is essential that you test in on a regular basis. Though tests are carried out by the governmental agencies there are times when mistakes happen in the test results.

To ensure the safety of your family it’s always best that you test the drinking water in your house. Testing kits that can be used at home are available in the markets which can help you determine the presence of contaminants in the water. These care home safety test-kits are quite economical too. Some of the main contaminants that you need to look out for are:

Coliform bacteria
Heavy metals

Quality testing of water used for agriculture and for animals

Nutrients in the right amounts are essential to get a good produce of vegetables and fruits and this depends on the quality of water used. Infiltration, toxins, and salinity are some of the major problems seen in water used for agriculture. These problems could destroy the crops, result in low crop yields or the vegetables and fruits that are produced could even be contaminated due to the presence of high levels of toxins. Similarly, animals also depend on essential minerals and nutrients that they get from water. Drinking contaminated water could affect their health, reduce their ability to produce, and even kill them. Make sure you test the quality of water by contacting the local water authorities or by using at-home water quality testing kits.

Quality testing of water used for recreation

The quality testing of water used for recreation, like water in swimming pools, water theme parks, lakes, and rivers are essential to prevent infections in the ear, skin, stomach, and eye which are some of the major ones reported.
Ensuring that the water you use is not contaminated would help you lead a healthy life that is free of diseases.