The University of Mississippi has come up with quite a fascinating discovery regarding CBD (Cannabidiol). Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is extracted in the form of an oil from the reproductive organs of the cannabis plant.  It has been discovered through their studies that CBD (Cannabidiol) could be utilized to help individuals who are dependent on opioids and might have the capacity to help with the unending torment that an addiction to opioids can bring. This is made possible due to Cannabidiol’s (CBD) capability to avoid the side effects caused by the consumption of opioids, yet targets the pain that patients experience, according to

This can be easily achieved if the person addicted to consuming opioids takes at least 10 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per day. An experiment has been carried out on a group of mice by experts which has shown some significant results. The experts are more than confident that CBD has the capability to block opioid reward and can possibly help reduce opioid addiction.

It is commonly believed that cannabis (the plant from which CDB of Cannabidiol is extracted) will lead the addict to do heavier drugs in the future but, that is not true at all. Cannabis in our view provides an exit to drug addiction since it weans the user off of opioids which have some truly horrible side effects.

A drug addiction centre in LA has started treating their patients with Cannabidiol (CBD) and has been seeing some significant changes in their clients. Cannabis can decrease sleep deprivation, diminish uneasiness, and in this way render little requirement for the opioids to be utilized and reduces a patient’s addiction.

According to a study, it has been discovered that almost 97% of the opioid addicts have found success after using cannabis. It has also been found that 8 out of 10 of those patients have reduced their opioid addiction and are on their journey to completely getting rid of the addiction.

With a large number of individuals dependent on opioids, cannabis can be viewed as the answer to all the opioid related problems we have seen in recent years. Due to these amazing results, the experts are more keen to confirm and add weight to their research regarding the fact that CBD blocks opioid reward and can help with curing opioid addiction. Watch this space! For more information, check out